The Launcher

The ArmA II Launcher will set command line parameter to the executable of Armed Assault II and ArmA II Operation Arrowhead. The application will not modify any of the original files belonging to Armed Assault II or ArmA II Operation Arrowhead.

Please feel free to use this software to adjust some settings to your needs, perhaps it might be able to resolve some issue for you or accelerate starting the game etc.

I will try to test every change before posting a new version for download, but do not hesitate to contact me in case of any questions, suggestions or bugs.

Feature list

  • Start ArmA II or OA with command line parameters, e.g. -nosplash or -winxp
  • Save choosen parameters etc. for next launch
  • Choose mods found in ArmA II directory, ArmA II profile directory and other profiles directory
  • Start ArmA II or OA directly into multiplayer einvironment to host a game
  • Directly join a running multiplayer game
  • New or further command line parameters are supported
  • Tooltips with short descriptions
  • ArmA II Launcher can be minimized to tray
  • The ArmA II Launcher can be placed everywhere, arma2.exe can be located
  • Autostart with OS start
  • Check if ArmA II is already running to prevent several instances
  • Creation of desktop shortcut
  • Control process priority of arma2.exe or arma2oa.exe
  • Start TrackIR automatically with ArmA II
  • Start FreeTrack automatically with ArmA II
  • Add additional mods without “@” in the beginning, even outside the ArmA II game directory or on other drives
  • Define the priority of the mods
  • Direct support of beta patches and definition of the priority of the beta mod
  • Multilanguage support
  • ServerBrowser incl. filtering
  • Ability to ping servers and add/remove servers to a favorite list
  • Integrated update function
  • Save selected mods and parameters to profiles for a faster access

Some screenshots*

*screenshots might be taken in older version