No installation needed, that means just extract the “ArmA II Launcher.exe” to a place of your choice. If you choose the directory of ArmA II the ArmA II Launcher will find the arma2.exe automatically, otherwise you have to configure the path to arma2.exe.


Starting ArmA II Launcher

You can start ArmA II Launcher by doubleclick the “ArmA II Launcher.exe”. You can also place a shortcut on desktop, in that case you can use the function “Create shortcut” on “Settings tab”. It is possible to start the ArmA II Launcher automatically with start of the operating system, there is also an option to start it minimized in the tray.


“Create shortcut” will check if a shortcut on the desktop already exists and will be disabled in that case.

Starting ArmA II


ArmA II has the ability to control some function or behavior by arguments (e.g. -nosplash). If tooltips are activated, you can discover the argument that is used for the functionality.

ArmA II Launcher can also control the process priority of arma2.exe, therefore you can enable “Process priority” and can choose the desired priority. Please keep in mind that other processes or programs can be derailed in proper execution.


If you have to configure more or unknown command line parameters/arguments, you can add them in the following manner:


If you have installed the TrackIR software, you can start the software before starting ArmA II by activating “Autostart TrackIR”. The option will be only available if ArmA II Launcher has found the program. ArmA II Launcher will check if TrackIR is running to prevent multiple instances.


Enabling/disabling mods

You can add additional mods that have no “@” in the folder name by clicking “+”. You can also delete mods by clicking the recycle bin. To edit the priority of the mods, just select the mod and move (higher priority) up or down (lower priority).

The ArmA II Launcher can detect added or deleted mods automatically, herefore just activate the checkbox.


Starting with mods

Just check the mods you want to enable.


Starting Armed Assault II


Hit the button “Start ArmA II” to launch ArmA II with all chosen start parameters and mods.


You can start ArmA II to host a new multiplayer game or connect to a running multiplayer game.


Enter the IP address and port of the server running the multiplayer game. You must insert a password if the server requires one. You can also press the button “ServerBrowser” to open the following the game server list.


You can order the list by clicking on the column titles. Just doubleclick an entry to copy the IP address and port to main window. If the server is password protected, you have to enter the right password. The server list will be cached for 120 sec to prevent a high server load. Please keep in mind, that this server list is not as actual (or realtime) as the mulitplayer lobby ingame.