Version 3.1.0 released

New features and bugfixes

Release notes

  • Support of direct shortcuts loading a profile w/o starting the launcher
  • Folder “Expansion” excluded from automatic modfolder detection
  • Some minor bugfixes
  • Fixed French translation

Direct shortcuts to profiles can be set for a profile on “Profiles” tab, just select a profile and press the icon

This will create a shortcut/link on your desktop named ArmA II – [Profile]

This shortcut has a command line parameter “-profile=[Profile]”

By clicking this shortcut, all settings of your profile including start parameters, betas, process priority, starting 3rd party programs (TrackIR, FreeTrack, Fraps) etc. will be used, even if you edit them after creating the shortcut. If your profile contains a IP address you will automatically join the server.

Please try the new function.

Hint: To know how ArmA II/OA will be started, just add -debug to your shortcut, e.g. “…ArmA II\ArmA II Launcher.exe” “-profile=Operation Arrowhead” -debug

You can find the actual version in the download section.

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