Version 1.5.0 released

New features and bugfixes

Release notes

  • Ping functionality
    • Ability to ping all servers (will take some seconds/minutes)
    • Ping results will be stored until next refresh of all server will be started
    • Context menu added to ping only a desired server
    • Possibility to fill holes of ping results (if servers were not online while last ping) – still experimental!
  • Spanish translation by Big (@Big: Thanks a lot!)
  • Version update check on about page to check if a newer version is online
  • All icons and images are now packed into the executable file
  • Beta mod can be prioritized to highest or lowest priority
  • No further usage of UPX packer, because some virus scanner detect malware
  • About page is language specific
  • Some wordings changed
  • Some code optimization
  • Fix: TrackIR 5 support


note: French translation not fully completed yet

You can find the actual version in the download section.

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